Monday, March 4, 2013

Transferring Images for Embroidery

This is the method I've developed for transferring images from paper to fabric, usually for embroidering. It's so simple and doesn't require an expensive light box.

   plastic tub with lid - mine is 23 x 17 x 6 in.
   light - mine is a corded florescent model, the type usually used under kitchen cabinets. It fits easily inside the tub.
   Plexiglas - mine is 20 x 15 in. and balances across the top of the tub
   masking tape - easy release
   binder clips
   plastic ruler
   pen - I use a friction or heat erasable pen called FriXion
   image - printed on copy paper
All supplies fit nicely into the tub when not in use.

For this project I cut squares of fabric an inch larger than needed and stitched around each square close to the edges to minimize fraying. Once the embroidery is finished I will cut these squares to the right size using a rotary cutter and square ruler.

I pressed diagonal lines in the fabric. To find the exact center of the image, I used a ruler and pencil to draw a box around the image (you can't see that here) then drew two diagonal lines.

I taped the image to the Plexiglas and, using the diagonal lines, centered it over the image. Using the clip and masking tape I anchored the fabric.

For this project (all straight lines) I used the ruler and pen to trace the image onto the fabric. You could also trace the image freehand. Once the embroidery is finished I can remove the drawn lines with a quick press of my iron.

This is the Ruby Short McKim project I mentioned in my last post. I finished tracing the last of twenty blocks last night and I'm ready to start embroidering.

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  1. Everything seems so easy...Thanks, dear Judy A.