Monday, March 18, 2013

Florida Vacation

Jenny and family watching the sunset

view from our condo

dolphin watching
Wayne and I just got home from ten days in sunny Florida. Most of that time we were with our daughter and her family on Anna Maria Island on the gulf coast. Our days were filled with beach time, sea food, bird and dolphin watching, reading, and enjoying our time together. Our rented condo was right on the beach of the charming island so it was just a few steps to the sea. The weather was perfect - we had only a half day of rain during which time we played card games.

The only mishap was sitting on and breaking my beloved Kindle which I've had for several years. A call to customer service verified that it was beyond repair. I ordered a new one today and have been assured that all my content will be transferable to the new one. I'm feeling rather lost without it but I have plenty of "real" books to keep me going. My current read is The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing by Richard Dawkins. It sounds like heavy reading but it's actually fascinating and most interesting.

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  1. Reading this post, the photos, I've traveled a bit through America with you.