Friday, March 23, 2018

Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine

Several years ago I purchased a Singer Featherweight sewing machine at a quilt show. She is a beautiful, sturdy little machine, weighing in at 11 pounds, so is the perfect sewing machine to take to classes, workshops, etc. Mine was made in 1956 and lovingly maintained - she sews like a dream. I, like many Featherweight owners, have given her a name - Alice Ruth - after my grandmother and great-grandmother. My husband thinks it's odd to name a sewing machine - he doesn't get it.

I recently joined a Facebook group of Featherweight enthusiasts and I frequently visit The Singer Featherweight Shop website, getting inspiration and useful information from both sites.

Alice Ruth has been packed away in a closet since I got my fancy Husqvarna Viking machine but I'm going to lots of sewing group meetings these days and Alice Ruth is so much more portable. I'll clean and oil her later this afternoon so she'll be ready to go

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Designing With Fabric and Thread

Dresden Neighborhood finished quilt top ready for quilting and binding.
At our recent Estes Valley Quilt Guild Retreat, I spent most of my creative time working on a small wall quilt. It's a Dresden Neighborhood design suggested to me by my San Diego quilt and travel buddy, Linda. Her design was an inspiration for my version. It's been challenging and fun working on it and I've finally finished the top which measures 30" by 30". Now I have to ponder how I want to quilt it. I'm usually a hand quilter but that won't work on this piece (too many layers of fabric). I haven't been particularly successful with machine quilting but I guess I'll give it a go and see what I can do.
Dresden Neighborhood in Process

Saturday, February 24, 2018


The sun is shining, but fierce winds urge me to stay inside. Great plumes of snow are blowing off the trees and I hear a constant windy moan. Fortunately, I can stay inside with plenty to do.

I sent off happy birthday messages to our oldest grandchild who is 21 today. His grandpa and I will call him later. Our daughter posted this photo on her Facebook page. I wish I could be there for the celebration.

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Cheese popcorn (actually, any popcorn) is my favorite snack. I especially like G. H. Cretors brand but cannot get it locally here in Estes Park. So ... I ordered a case of twelve bags which arrived last week. BIG mistake! Those cheesy puffs are calling to me, and if I open a bag, I can't stop until I've eaten the entire thing. I'll have to ask Wayne to hide them.



Several Estes Valley Quilt Guild members spent a delightful day of sewing and quilting at our Estes Valley Library on Thursday. The library has recently opened a second-floor room called Makerspace which is large enough for ten or twelve quilters. Plenty of tables and chairs and lots of light make it a perfect place to meet. We each brought our own sewing/quilting supplies, snacks, lunch, and beverages.

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Here I am cutting out 1.5 in. squares (about 600) to use in a new quilt project. And, that's just
a fraction of the total number of pieces I'll need to complete it. I may have lost my mind.
I'll write another post when I'm farther along with this design.,

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cotton Candy Sunset

This gorgeous sky lasted only a few minutes at sunset last night over Estes Park. It looks like cotton candy. The colors would make a beautiful pallette for a quilt.