Saturday, March 2, 2013

Skiing for Wayne; Sewing for Me

Wayne and several friends have been skiing at Winter Park since Friday. He calls me each day and reports having a great time. They will be home tomorrow afternoon.

I miss him but I've been busy with a marathon sewing/stitching week-end. I'm in the process of tracing stitching lines on twenty white cotton 9 inch squares to be embroidered in deep blue. The designs are those of Ruby Short McKim which I purchased in book form. Originally published in newspapers in the early 1900's, the Quaddy Quilty patterns were a collaboration with Thorton Burgess based on the characters in his many books for children. Most of the characters are woodland animals with names like Chatterer the Red Squirrel, Hooty the Owl, and Buster Bear. When I've finished the embroidery, I'll sash and border the quilt in blue and hand quilt it.

I've been working on several other projects as well including a prototype of a small wall quilt which Trail Ridge Quilters will sell in honor of Rocky Mountain National Park's Centennial in 2015. I designed a quilt on the computer using EQ6 and submitted my application on behalf of TRQ. I was overjoyed to receive acceptance of our proposal on Friday. Five percent of the profits will go to RMNP Nature Association and the rest to Estes Park Medical Center. I have no idea how many we might sell beginning January 2014 and I'm hoping the committee will allow us to take orders in advance. It will be fun and exciting to do this project.

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