Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tragedy in New Zealand

Christchurch Cathedral Tower

Window in Great Hall - Art Center

World Peace Bell - Botanic Gardens

The above images were taken by me in beautiful Christchurch in February, 2009.

We drove home to the mountains on Wednesday - an uneventful trip. While in Nebraska we didn't see the news - just too busy with our grandchildren and Bailey, the rambunctious puppy.

Now that I've had an opportunity to watch the news out of New Zealand I am feeling sad and anxious for those who have been directly affected by the earthquake and its aftermath. Seeing the images of so many beautiful landmarks and historic buildings which have been destroyed is also sad. We were in Christchurch at this time two years ago and loved the city and all of New Zealand that we toured. We've heard via e-mail from one of our tour guides who writes that he and his family are physically uninjured and safe - the mental and emotional stress, however, are great.

In disasters like this, those who are not directly involved have a desire to do something to help and all I can think to do at this moment is to send heartfelt wishes for resilience of spirit and a better days ahead for all New Zealanders and especially those who live in Christchurch.

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