Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quilt Guild Retreat

Estes Valley Quilt Guild's annual retreat is going on this week-end and it's just as fantastic as ever! I hadn't planned to participate this year because I wasn't sure just where we'd be in the process of moving mom, but I was able to spend all day yesterday with those talented, friendly and enthusiastic quilters. I hand quilted, ate way too much delicious food, visited with other quilters, participated in games, laughed a lot, took photos of many inspiring quilt projects and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Rams Horn Lodge at the YMCA Estes Park Center was the scene of this four day event. It's a perfect venue, one that we will undoubtedly use again. Mary Ann worked her culinary magic with endless delicious snacks including made-from-scratch, multi-flavored Twinkies and pink champagne cupcakes as well as dinner last night.

The theme was "A 1950's Slumber Party" and many of the quilters spent the entire event in pajamas - a very comfy way to sew. There were prizes, gifts, plenty of chocolate and delightful adult beverages and, because no one was driving, indulging wasn't a problem. Here are some photos of the sewing/quilting room.

I hand quilted on my "Shadow Skeptic" quilt until my fingers were too sore to continue.

In my next post I'll have photos of many of the projects that participants were working on during the retreat.

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