Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taking the High Road

Trail Ridge Road has been open for about a week now so Wayne and I decided to drive up to the Visitors' Center this afternoon. We discovered that this was not the best day we could have chosen. The highway is undergoing resurfacing so was quite rutted and bumpy. Being a Sunday and a "free entrance" day, it was also quite crowded. But we enjoyed the awesome views, as always. The high elevations still have a heavy snowpack and the warm weather the past few days has caused the creeks and rivers to run very high. There has been some minor flooding in town including the post office parking lot and the nine-hole golf course. Wayne tells me that two fairways are under water so it will be closed until the Big Thompson River subsides. I hear thunder rumbling in the distance and the sky is darkening so we'll be getting rain within the hour - not good for the already swollen rivers.

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  1. Really lovely. So glad to click and meet you here with a little story and beautiful pictures. Have great day!