Friday, June 4, 2010

Potting Geraniums

We couldn't hold out any longer ... we bought some flowers today and planted some of them (the deep red geraniums) this evening. The four hanging baskets look beautiful on the porch. We also bought a flat of pansies in all their typical colors but will wait to plant them until we return from Omaha. Mom has offered to come over and water them while we're gone. It feels like summer has finally arrived. Wayne knocked down a wasp nest in a recessed area of the porch roof. We don't want them bothering us or any guests. I spend a lot of time on our porch and deck - I'm sitting out here as I write this post.

I took Mom and a friend to see the owl nest last evening. We had good views of the babies but didn't spot the mother. She was probably napping on a hidden tree branch. She must spend all night finding food for them. They are big babies and did a lot of stretching and wing flapping on the edge of the nest while we watched.

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  1. You have a beautiful house. I love the warm color of the wood and the porch with the flowers and open air is wonderful!