Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Family Fun

I am surprised to see that I haven't posted since June 6 - I hadn't realized how long it had been until I opened my blog this evening. The past few weeks have been busy with visitors, a family reunion, and a trip to Wyoming and I've put everything else on hold.

For several days before the reunion week-end we had ten extra people (our children, their spouses and our six grandchildren) staying at our house. It was a wee bit crowded but we managed nicely. I always think of their visits as "happy chaos!" We celebrated Grace's 12th birthday, hiked, camped, played games, ate a lot, and generally had a lovely time together. One of the major highlights was attending the Rockies/Cardinals baseball game at Coors Field in Denver. Chris had arranged for a private suite with an abundance of food. The weather was perfect and to make the day a total success, the Rockies won.

Then on Saturday, July 10, we hosted the twenty-five family members who were able to make it. We had a delicious Mexican buffet catered by a local cafe. The weather cooperated (thank goodness) so we could be mostly outside on the deck, porch and in the yard. The family members ranged in age from one to eighty-eight (my mom) and I think everyone had a wonderful time - I know I did.

Phyllis with grandchildren and great grandchildren

The Whole Thomas Reunion Clan

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  1. Hi, we missed you, welcome back! You have a great family.I also am very busy with family this time.