Friday, February 5, 2010

Valelntine Doll Dresses

We are driving to Omaha, Nebraska tomorrow to stay with three of our grandchildren while our son and his wife spend a week in Mexico. Our daughter, her husband and three children live just ten minutes from our son's house so we'll get to spend time with them as well. We are fortunate that we can see both families in one trip and we make the nine hour trip every five or six weeks. That's as long as I can stand to go without seeing them! I'm taking ideas and materials for several Valentine projects to do with the kids while we're there. They range in age from almost thirteen to three years old - three girls and three boys. I love hearing from their parents how much they are looking forward to our visit because I am too ... I was born to be a grandma!

I made Valentine doll dresses for my eleven and eight year old granddaughters' American Girl dolls. I've made lots of outfits for them. I love sewing for an 18 inch doll and most of my patterns come from books by Joan Hinds I bought several years ago. One is pictured above. When I looked at them recently on, I was stunned at the increase in prices for some of them. I'm glad I bought them when they were reasonably priced. The patterns are easy to sew and make lovely, well-fitting clothes. I know the girls will like them. My three year old granddaughter isn't into dressing her dolls yet and they frequently go naked.

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