Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trail Ridge Quilters

Trail Ridge Quilters met today for our usual Tuesday afternoon gathering. We are a group of women who make quilted items which we sell at several venues during the fall. All the money we make goes to our local hospital in the form of grants of up to $2000. This group of women is like a family. We love doing something worthwhile for a charitable cause and, even more, we love being together, sharing joys, sorrows, information, advice and laughter. One of my projects this year is making Christmas stockings with a removable cuff that can be personalized with an embroidered name. Using the pattern I've designed, I can make eight stockings from two yards of coordinating fabric. I cut out the pieces for eight stockings today - photo to come. When I've put them together, I'll post a pattern.

By the way, the name of our group comes from Trail Ridge Road which is the name for a stretch of U.S. Highway 34, the highest continuous paved highway in the United States. It is located in Rocky Mountain National Park in my beloved Colorado.

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