Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun With the Grandchildren

Wayne and I have been in charge of three of our six grandchildren (our son's children) for two days and I have a renewed appreciation of their mother's and father's energy levels. Wow! I went to bed early and tired last night.

I'm taking a moment to type this post during a brief "down time." Carly and Fischer are at school. Courtney is taking one of her infrequent naps and Wayne is taking one of his frequent naps. The cleaning women are downstairs (they've finished upstairs which is a miracle considering how little the kids had picked up beforehand.) Courtney went to her once a week preschool class this morning and I had a chance to take the advice I frequently gave to mothers of crying children when I was teaching -I peeled her off and left. Apparently that was the right thing to do because she said when I picked her up, "I LOVE preschool!" They had their Valentine party this morning so I'm sure the bag of cards and candy helped her attitude. While Courtney was at preschool, Wayne and I met Jenny for coffee and bagels at Panera's then picked Courtney up and met Jen and Virgil for lunch at Boyd and Charlie's. My life seems to revolve around food.

Wayne is going to Jack's wrestling match this evening. Grace and Parker (two of my daughter's three children) are coming over here to help Carly and Fischer make Valentines. So far we've had two calls from our son and his wife at their Mexican beach resort. Both calls left Courtney sobbing, "I want my mommy." In between calls she seems just fine. I may quit answering the phone. It's cold and windy. Courtney's word for the day is "blustery." She caught on to that one immediately on the walk through the preschool parking lot.

It may not sound like it but we are having a wonderful time.

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