Thursday, August 11, 2016

Silo Quilt

Estes Park's Event Center has a building that resembles a silo. The town has commissioned my quilt guild (Estes Valley Quilt Guild) to make a large wall quilt to help with the acoustics in the high-ceilinged space. I joined eleven other guild members on Saturday to work on cutting the fabrics and sewing the 76 background blocks for the 6 X 10 foot quilt. We spent the day working on the project and finished all 76 blocks. Two guild members are sewing the blocks together and have finished about half the quilt. Once the entire background is complete we will add appliqué aspen trees and leaves.

Below are photos of the silo quilt workshop.

The quilt is a large adaptation of "Into the Woods" designed by Kara Peterson, a former EVQG member. It's going to be beautiful when it's complete. I'm making a much smaller version of the quilt for our house.

Kara's original "Into the Woods"

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