Wednesday, May 7, 2014

EP Duck Race - Big Success

Duck Race Mascot, Quiltin' T. Canvasback, enjoys the festive atmosphere.

We had a beautiful blue-sky, white-cloud day for the 26th annual Estes Park Duck Race on Saturday. Selling 5300 duck adoption forms means that over $100,000 will be returned to the sixty-two participating charities and organizations.

The day began at Nicky's Steakhouse, site of the duck launching, with a delicious breakfast buffet for the duck race volunteer workers. Our "Big Duck" (aka Thor Homme) thanked a host of people for their contributions of time, money, and services. Once breakfast was over, we all got to work.

Breakfast at Nicky's

Thor "Big Duck" Homme

Behind the scenes we spend a frantic morning entering last minute ticket information.

Riverside Ramblers

Last minute duck sales are brisk.

Thor and Wayne (Duck Wrangler) confer before the ducks are launched.

Frank Lancaster pulls the cord to launch the ducks.

And they're off ...

Corporate ducks at Riverside Plaza

Members of the "Duck Dippers Union" scoop up the ducks as they swim to the finish line.

Hopeful winners check the prize boards.

People crowd around the prize boards at Riverside Plaza (the duck stops here) where the winners' names are posted. All the names of prize winners can be seen here on the official EP Duck Race website.

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  1. Bravo. Three times bravo and congratulations to all!