Saturday, April 5, 2014

Extended Family Visit

(top) my sister's teenage grandchildren
(below) my niece, sister, mother
hiking in Rocky
One just never knows how a family visit will play out. For a week we've hosted my sister and niece at our house while my nephew, his wife and three children have also been in Estes Park staying at a resort cabin most of the time. The nephew, wife and one child left town on Thursday and the two other kids (teenagers) moved into our house until this morning when they all left for home. Mom joined us for some meals and excursions.

We enjoyed seeing everyone and I had some good talks with my sister and niece. After a week of company, however, I'm exhausted and I need to catch up on things that need to be finished NOW! I wish there were some way to host house guests and still keep up with my regular activities and commitments while avoiding the feeling of exhaustion that sets in by the second day. If there is a way, I don't know it!

Today I'm doing laundry and quilt guild computer work which I've neglected. Tomorrow I plan to clean house and work on Centennial Quilts.

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  1. Indeed it is nice to have company, but tedious. You missed your daily pace of life that brings satisfaction. However, family meetings give you a good tone.