Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quilting for Rocky and the Medical Center

Approximate size - 18 X 20 inches
sleeve on back for hanging

I plan to spend the next four day in my Aspen Loft Studio making Rocky Mountain National Park Centennial quilts for Trail Ridge Quilters. I've acquired enough fabrics for the borders to make a dozen or more quilts and I know where I can order more when I run out. A sample of the quilt will hang in the Estes Park Medical Center's lobby along with order forms. I'm hoping to hang another sample or two in other public places. With my variety of fabrics I will make two or three versions (similar but not identical). The proceeds will be split - 5% for RMNP and 95% for Estes Park Medical Center.

Wayne left this morning with several hiking/skiing friends for a long week-end in the Grand Lake area. They plan to do both downhill and cross-country skiing as well as hiking and snowshoeing. That should bring him home totally exhausted!

In addition to quilt making, I'll be watching several old movies and a few British shows on Acorn while Wayne's away and, oh yes, popcorn for supper!

Trail Ridge Quilters

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