Saturday, February 22, 2014

Family Visit, Family Fun

While Wayne takes our son and family to the airport for their flight home, I'm looking over the photos I took when I remembered to grab my camera. We all had so much fun and packed several "adventures" into their brief visit.

The weather, which had featured strong winds for several days before, calmed on Friday and was perfect for a day of skiing at Eldora. The kids were fast learners and, after a few pointers, were zooming down the slopes.

All three kids wanted me to teach them how to embroider! So, I gave them a crash course and sent them home with needles, floss, embroidery hoops, and fabric. Courtney, age seven, was the only one to finish hers before they left. I was surprised at how well she did.

No room to eat at the dining table covered with embroidery paraphernalia.

Courtney's colorful kitty face (love the orange whiskers!)

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  1. Visits children fill up energy, I can understand this.