Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Project - Keeping My Fingers Crossed

While I am usually a quilter, I do love to make an occasional knitted project. Most of my knitted efforts have resulted in scarves, some of which I actually wear! For a long time I've been following a blog called Little Cotton Rabbits written by Julie Williams, a passionate knitter. I have admired and longed for one (or several) of her adorable knitted animals (rabbits, foxes, pandas, etc.) but have never been able to buy any because they are always sold out. Recently, Julie posted a few of her patterns for sale and, in spite of my limited knitting skills, I purchased this one and ordered an assortment of gorgeous yarns and the necessary needles from My order arrived a few days ago, beautifully packaged. I'm using some "practice" yarn and youtube videos to get the knack of several unfamiliar stitches and techniques before I break into the new balls of yarn. I have mastered the cable cast-on but I still need practice in KLL stitch, not to mention many others.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can actually produce a finished bunny girl this winter.

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  1. I like this bunny girl and her dotty dress.