Monday, January 20, 2014

Twins of Santa Fe and Taos

Linda showing and describing her "Twins of Santa Fe and Taos" quilt
to her San Diego quilt guild

I was happy to get this photo from my friend Linda in San Diego. She and I collaborated on identical twin quilts to commemorate the trip we took to New Mexico with our husbands in 2012. It was a lot of fun with an element of suspense when each of us finished a segment and sent both "quilts in progress" to the other one for her turn to add another section. Linda started the quilt (a beautiful pictorial collage) and did the second border. I added the first and final borders. She has finished hers and I still need to quilt mine.

Linda's guild, Friendship Quilters of San Diego, issued a UFO challenge to its members for 2013/2014. This was one of the quilts Linda finished for the challenge. My guild doesn't have a challenge going on, so I'll just have to challenge myself! I'm headed to the loft right now.

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