Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tea and Tissues

Green tea with honey & lemon
Our daughter and her family left this morning for a nine hour drive home. They've been here since Christmas and we've all had a wonderful time. Once I developed a head cold, I quarantined myself in the bedroom with tea and tissues and a book for amusement when I wasn't sleeping. The rest of the family went about the business of having a good time.

My brother and his family (thirteen altogether) drove up yesterday from the Denver area to celebrate our mom's 92nd birthday a couple of days early. I was the only one who didn't attend but they wouldn't have wanted me there accompanied by my cold germs. I glad they all had a good time.

There are lots of tasks waiting to be done getting the house back in post-Christmas order again but I'm not motivated to do any of that yet. I don't have much going on this next week, thank goodness, so I can concentrate on getting well.

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  1. Happy New Year and good health, dear Judy A!