Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake and Back

taken through the car window at tree line on TRR
Wayne and I took a trip over Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake and back yesterday with Carol and Chip. We enjoy their company and had a wonderful day with a late lunch in Grand Lake, a little shopping, and lots of scenic viewing going and coming home. We knew there would be a massive amount of snow as we drove up and over the highest point, 12,183 ft. above sea level. They are still digging out the Alpine Visitor Center near the high point so we couldn't stop there.

A moose cow posed for photos alongside the road. If she has a calf, it wasn't visible. We saw people snowboarding and skiing although the conditions are not very good for either of those sports.

Grand Lake is a little mountain/cowboy town with boardwalk sidewalks and lots of little shops along the main street. It was decked out for Memorial Day with flags and bunting everywhere and we enjoyed wandering up and down the street. My only purchase was a pair of earrings. 

Today we're getting everything ready for a two-day (Monday and Tuesday) camping trip at Moraine Park Campground in Rocky. We've invited my mom and a friend to come out tomorrow evening for a campfire dinner. The weather forecast is perfect.

taken through the car window - people atop the snow bank beside the road

Alpine Visitor Center (not open yet) close to the top of the road
the front of the building is visible in the center of the photo with snow up to the roof on either side

moose cow munching on grass along the road

downtown area of Grand Lake

Main Street decked out for Memorial Day

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  1. It looks like a wonderful trip and the photos are superb.