Monday, April 15, 2013

Fern Lake Trail Hike

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. A friend had told me about recent beaver activity on the Big Thompson River which runs along the trail. We saw the dam and newly felled trees but no beaver sightings. A light snowfall Saturday night had transformed the area into a wonderland! Everywhere we looked provided a beautiful photo opportunity.

We did catch sight of a flock of wild turkeys. Their tracks were co-mingled with human boot tracks and they were trotting along the trail at a fast clip.

During the first mile we hiked through an area heavily burned during last year's Fern Lake Fire. The snow cover obscured the scorched ground but we could still see the blackened trees trunks and, in the distance, an entire ridge of burned pines. It will be interesting to see how Mother Nature restores the area.

Wild Turkey Trot

Wild Turkey Tracks

Judy on the trail

Upper ridge burned by wildfire

Winter Wonderland

Beaver Pond

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  1. Amazing ride. You are very brave. Thanks for the photos.