Friday, April 12, 2013

Basket of Family Faces

This charming basket of paper flowers sits on the shelf just outside my mother's apartment at Good Samaritan Village in Estes Park. It features the faces of Mom's family (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all the spouses). My nephew's creative and talented wife Judith, made it and presented it to Mom during an Easter visit. She and I share a first name (Judith) although she spells her nickname "Judi" and I spell my "Judy." Judith/Judy was a popular name for baby girls born in the 1940's. My best friend and next door neighbor during my childhood was a "Judy" as were several classmates. My nephew's wife is the first young Judith I've met and it's a coincidence that she became a family member. Judi and I share another name (her married name is the same as my family name) so the coincidence continues. 

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