Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Mexico Twin Quilts

The New Mexico twin quilts are on their way to Linda in San Diego and will arrive today or tomorrow. I'm eager to know how she likes the border I've added. Linda began the project by making two identical centers. She sent them to me and I added the first border. She'll add the next border and send them back to me for the final addition. Each of us will quilt and bind her own identical version.

The photo above shows one of the "twins" on my design wall. You can see a bit of fabric to the right that I may use in the quilts when they come back to me. I'll have to see what Linda does. Her center is a beautiful collage of mountains, river, landscapes, and photos (printed on fabric) of our trip to New Mexico. It took me a long time (months) to decide what I wanted to add. I felt that the center was so busy that it needed a relatively plain border to calm it down a bit. This turquoise ombre (shaded) fabric was a serendipitous find and makes the center "pop" while providing a complimentary frame. The corner stones are iconic New Mexico images printed on fabric: map of New Mexico, flag, chili peppers, turquoise rocks.

Snow is falling so heavily I can see only the barest outline of the mountains through my loft windows. We have several inches and are grateful for every flake! I'll spend most of the day up here working on projects and getting ready to host my Friday Afternoon Quilters tomorrow. Time to make some tea!

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