Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

My sweet husband gave me these Valentine flowers, a romantic card, and a small bag of my favorite sweet treat, chocolate almond toffee. He has his usual Rotary meeting during the lunch hour so I'm taking my mother out for lunch. Actually, it will be a 10:30 brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants.

My 91 year old mother was my guest at Quilt Guild last night where the program included members showing quilts and telling the stories of those quilts. I showed Mom's "sunbonnet baby" quilt made for her by her grandmother when she was a little girl using fabric from Mom's little dresses. It was loved and used well and had suffered the kind of damage such a quilt suffers over the years. I repaired the worst of the damage several years ago and it remains a cherished treasure.

Tonight, Wayne and I will have a quiet little dinner here at home.

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