Sunday, June 24, 2012

Estes Park Fire

Estes Park (Woodland Heights) Fire - home fully engulfed in flames
Estes Park  (Woodland Heights) Fire - helicopter approaches with water bucket
Saturday began hot and windy and, as we watched the smoke billow from the High Park Fire, we got word  about noon that a wildfire was burning in the west part of Estes Park near the Beaver Meadows entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Our home is several miles away from the fire site. During the day we got information that the fire had started from unknown causes at a cabin on High Drive. The tinder-dry conditions and hot wind quickly spread the fire to other structures and surrounding grassland and forest. Many people were evacuated and went to the EP High School where the Red Cross had set up a temporary shelter and control center. Wayne and I other Salvation Army volunteers picked up meals at local restaurants to feed dinner to 150 firefighters. By last night the fire was contained and today the firefighters are monitoring hot spots and "mopping up." At least 20 homes/structures were destroyed over a 20 acre area but I've heard of no deaths or injuries. At times in the afternoon we could see smoke from both the High Park Fire and the Estes Park Fire

The immediate crisis is over for Estes Park but with fires burning in many places in Colorado and the persistence of hot, dry, and windy weather, Wayne and I have been making a "fire evacuation plan" in the event that we need to get out quickly. It's hard to think about it but having a plan in place lowers my anxiety. Salvation Army needs volunteers to help with the canteens serving meals to firefighters at High Park Fire. Wayne will probably volunteer for one or more days of service. In the meantime we are vigilant - hoping for the best while planning for the worst.


  1. I saw on TV, here in Romania, the fire in your mountains. Terrible!

  2. I hope zou are fine!!!