Friday, June 22, 2012

High Park Fire

This is day 15 of the High Park Fire which has consumed over 75,000 acres, destroyed 200 homes, and caused one death. The billowing plumes you see in this picture I took from my deck are smoke, not clouds. The hot, dry, windy conditions the past two days have intensified the wildfire and firefighters have lost ground. More people have evacuated from the threatened areas today. Officials say that the firefighters can continue to work on containment, but only Mother Nature can extinguish the fire. It will burn for months.

Estes Park is not directly threatened by this fire which is roughly 20 miles north but there has been an adverse economic impact during this high tourist season. I am sad and anxious when I look to the north. Everyone is hoping for cooler, calmer weather and, most of all, rain.

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