Friday, January 27, 2012

Rocky Mountain Rescue

My husband belongs to a weekly hiking group that frequently hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. Even with snowshoes, stabilizers, and other appropriate equipment, accidents can happen. Last week's hike in the Cub Lake area covered snowy and icy trails and one of the hikers fell on the ice and broke her ankle. With no cell phone coverage in this remote part of the park, one hiker went on to the ranger station to report the situation while two of the other hikers, who happen to be doctors, splinted the injured woman's leg. Rescue Rangers and paramedics arrived with their one-wheel gurney and medical equipment and wheeled the injured woman to the trail head where an ambulance was waiting. She is doing well but will forgo further hiking trips for awhile.

Estes Park residents frequently hear and read about rescues in the surrounding mountain terrain. When the rescue involves a friend or family member, the rescue personnel become critically important, greatly appreciated, and no longer taken for granted.

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