Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Badger Sighting

We've had a lot of wildlife in our yard this spring. In addition to the usual deer, elk, chipmunks and ground squirrels I've been delighted to spot a bobcat last week and, yesterday, a badger coming up from the large drainage pipe that runs under the road on the corner of our property. When I approached, he would go back into the pipe and, moments later, pop his head out the other end. He continued this game of peek-a-boo for almost half an hour while I snapped photos. I've seen evidence of badger activity recently and noticed several freshly-dug burrowing holes much larger than those made by the ground squirrels.

The hummingbirds continue to arrive and frequent the sugar water feeders I put out for them. It's snowing rather heavily at the moment and one little hummer is perched on the feeder under the porch overhang where he can be out of the weather and close to an occasional snack.

Spring is slow in coming to the Colorado Rockies. I saw a piece on the news this morning about the clearing of Trail Ridge Road. The snow, in places, is over twenty feet high and the snow crews are having a tough time getting the road open for the Memorial day weekend.

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  1. Ineresting this post. The others too. Thanks.