Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

The Andersen family celebrating Christmas with Wayne's 93 year old mother at the nursing home.

Our dining area ready for Christmas brunch.

The last of our holiday company left for home this morning after delaying their departure 24 hours.Yesterday was below zero, snowy and terrifically windy. The conditions in eastern Colorado and western Nebraska were not conducive to safe travel.

When we look back over this holiday season we have many happy memories. Wayne says it has been his best Christmas and I have to agree. We hosted lots of family members including our six grandchildren and their parents as well as my mom, brother and several of his family. I'm exhausted from all the work that accompanies so many overnight visitors (meals, laundry, and entertainment) and I am pondering ways to maintain the fun and togetherness while making it less stressful for me and Wayne. My sister likens our home to Grand Central Station.

Last night about 6 pm the power over a large part of Estes Park, including our house, went out. Since it was well after dark we scrambled for candles, matches and flashlights. Fortunately, the chicken rice soup was hot in the pot so we dined and played cards by candlelight. It was below zero outside but our gas fireplace keep us reasonably warm until the power came back on about 8 pm. The kids thought it was a real adventure and it sparked conversation about the "olden days."

Both Wayne and I have head colds which began simultaneously on Thursday. For once, I can't blame it on the kids (who usually share their germs with us.) I'm looking at all the Christmas things that need packing away and thinking of all the tidying and cleaning that need to be done and I have absolutely no motivation to do any of it. I'm going to concentrate on getting well and worry about all the work in a couple of days.

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