Monday, September 13, 2010


There are two serious wildfires in our area of Colorado. The Fourmile Canyon Fire west of Boulder started one week ago on Monday, September 6. It destroyed over 170 homes and other structures and has burned thousands of acres of forested land. It has been contained but continues to burn.

Yesterday morning a second fire started west of Loveland. This fire has burned two homes so far and several acres. For a few days last week we had to keep our house tightly closed because of intense smoke in Estes Park from the Boulder fire. This week we can see smoke over the mountains to the east but it isn't blowing this way. Both fires were apparently unintentionally started by humans (not lightning strikes.) Fires are a hazard of mountain living and home owners are cautioned to minimize the risk to their homes in a variety of ways. Above is a photo taken from our deck of the smoke, which looked like a lovely cloud, from the Boulder fire. We saw smoke from the Loveland fire yesterday but haven't seen any today.

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