Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unpatriotic Elk

We've had a herd of about twenty-five bull elk hanging around our yard for the past couple of days. They are quite handsome with their sleek summer coats and antlers in velvet. When I hung the flag out again this morning they were nowhere in sight, but when I glanced out the window an hour later they were browsing very close to the house. I kept a close watch on them so I could shoo them away if they got too close to our fenced aspen and maple trees. (The elk are the very reason for the fences!) I saw one bull start rubbing his velvet clad antlers on the fence and hurried out, armed only with a walking stick to chase him away. He bolted and so did the elk yanking on the flag. He dropped the flag to the ground (not very tasty, I guess) but he'd already bent the metal pole and bracket. In the future, I plan to keep my flag inside while those unpatriotic elk are in the neighborhood. Here are a few photos.

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