Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gloomy Outside, Bright Inside

Today's weather has been gloomy, rainy and cool with low clouds hanging in the mountains but inside I've been having fun with my slide scanning project. I've made it up to 1975 and I've been looking at dozens of images of my sweet and adorable son and daughter during their young childhood years.

I've also seen images of my dear grandparents which has brought a flood of lovely memories of visits with them. They were the perfect models of what grandparents should be. I hope I'm half as good at grandparenting as they were. My grandfather, a math teacher, was interested in everything we thought, did, and said. He was a good listener and bit of a tease and was always ready for an adventure. My fondest memories of my grandmother were of her reading Hans Christian Andersen and Grimm brothers' fairy tales to us. She would always read "just one more." I cherish my copies of the books she read from and love reading them to my own grandchildren although in re-reading them as an adult, I'm horrified at how gruesome some of them are. That didn't keep me from loving them as a child ... the more macabre, the better! They didn't all live "happily ever after!"

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  1. Sure you are a perfect grandmother, too. step by step, I'm reading a story about an american family. It's very interesting for me. Thanks