Friday, March 12, 2010

Quilt Group

I belong to several quilt related groups and I love them all. Today was Friday PM Quilters. As the name indicates, we meet every other Friday afternoon but I like to think the PM stands for "Perfectly Marvelous!" We take turns hosting the group in our homes. All but two of our members live in Estes Park. The two who don't, used to live here and have moved to Loveland which is about thirty miles down the Big Thompson Canyon road, a curvy, winding, "follow the river" road. Today we met in Loveland - eight of us. We each bring a project on which to work and, while we are all quilters, many of us also bring knitting, embroidery, or other needlework. It's always a treat to see what everyone else is working on. We stitch and chat from one to three then have dessert prepared by our hostess - it's always something delicious!

I took my camera intending to take photos of our group but completely forgot until it was time to leave at four. So, the only photos I took were of the spring flowers blooming by the front door. Those of us in Estes, are envious of our lower altitude friends because spring comes much earlier at 5000 ft. elevation than 8000 ft. elevation. No flowers blooming here yet, unless they are indoors. I am lusting after blooming flowers which I won't be able to plant until June 10 (our last official frost date.) I'll have to be content with plant catalogs and photos of my deck garden from years past but it's hard to wait.

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  1. Thank you for this very well-written post about the Quilt Group's activity. The photo is v.