Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Colorado Blue Spruce Babies

We planted two Colorado blue spruce babies today - indoors in pots until they are big enough and the weather is warm enough to transplant them outdoors. They will live in a sunny window for now getting plenty of TLC from me.

Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens) was adopted as the official state tree by the Colorado General Assembly in 1939. Colorado blue spruce is a beautiful, hardy conifer which thrives in the montane zone of the central and southern Rocky Mountains. We have several in varying sizes growing on our property. They have a gorgeous bluish green cast. For those of us living in Estes Park, Colorado (next door to Rocky Mountain National Park) growing anything, including conifers, is challenging. In addition to the dry climate and poor, rocky soil are the ever present elk who munch on almost anything that grows so fencing is a must, at least until the tree is quite large. Below are images of mature Colorado blue spruce. Aren't they lovely?


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  2. What an admirable work! Thank you for the informations about these beautiful trees.