Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Another Snowy Day

This is the beautiful winter scene outside my front door. It's hard to see the snow falling, but it continues to pile up. This doe kindly posed for a photo before she went on her way.

Estes Valley Quilt Guild has cancelled its meeting for this evening - a good call - so I'm making alternative plans which include: a pot of soup, cup of tea, a good book, and some hand quilting before the fireplace. It promises to be a cozy evening.

I just looked out the window to witness a car with two wheels in the snowy ditch alongside our road. Wayne tried to help but the driver will need a tow truck to get her car unstuck. This is a common winter sight on Ponderosa Avenue. The saga is playing out as I watch: the tow truck arrived, slid down the hill and bumped into the stuck car. The two drivers are standing beside the stuck vehicles trying to work out a plan. In the meantime, our road is blocked - luckily we don't have to go anyplace.

A second tow truck has just arrived. I hope they can sort this out.

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