Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sparkle Party

"Sparkle Party"
"Sparkle Party is the name of my newest quilt creation. I'll be taking it with me when we go to Montana for the wedding of my niece Lillian and her fiancĂ© Sam this summer. It's a gift for their adorable son Sylas, born March 29. I've seen lots of pictures and heard lots of stories which make me eager to meet this little guy in person.

The name of the quilt was inspired by an event way back in time when Lillian was a little girl and our family was visiting my sister and her family in Montana. Lil went to a great deal of effort (invitations, decorations, etc.) to host a "Sparkle Party" in the family's basement after dark. Each party guest was given several Wint O Green Life Savers and when the lights were turned out we were instructed to chew the mints and watch the "sparkles" shoot from our mouths. We believed it would look something like fireworks on a small scale but the result was a huge disappointment, especially to Lillian, who wound up in tears. The Sparkle Party debacle has become part of our family's lore. I hope this "Sparkle Party" is much more successful than the original!

quilt back

quilt label

There is some truth to the Life Saver sparkle story which you can research if you have absolutely nothing else to do. Here's one site:

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