Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Volunteer Camp Hosts at RMNP

Wayne and I had lots of fun during the long Memorial Day week-end as Volunteer Campground Hosts at Moraine Park Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park. In exchange for our daily duties we had a free camp site with hookups for electricity, water, and sewer. We were on duty from 7 - 11 a.m. and again from 4 - 8 p.m. each day doing a variety of tasks.

Our camp site was in a forest of Ponderosa Pines.

This was the view to the west of our cozy little home on wheels.

The Moraine Park Ranger Station is the hub of activity for Rangers, volunteers and campers.
The kiosk at the entrance to the campground is where campers check in. The Rangers welcome them, give them maps of the area, and discuss the rules to follow when camping. The 250 camp sites were full during the five days we were there.
I'm dressed in my utilitarian "Park Brown" uniform.
Wayne and I, equipped with a communication radio, made several rounds of the campground each day welcoming campers, answering questions, and identifying "situations."
Although most campers are good stewards of the park, a few ignore the rules. We had to put out a couple of unattended campfires and confiscate coolers, garbage, boxes of food, grills, etc. These items are bear enticements and the black bears are always on the look-out for an easy meal. All this stuff came from one campsite while the campers were hiking. When we do this we leave a notice telling them to come to the Ranger Station to retrieve their items. They also get an educational talk from a Ranger.

This is evidence of what bears can do to coolers and canned goods. They can also break into cars left unlocked or with windows down.
The message board at the kiosk gives weather reports and other information.
Aspen trees are beautiful in their spring green foliage.
This lush meadow was frequently full of wildlife.
My favorite part of this adventure was watching children complete their Junior Ranger booklet and activities to achieve Junior Ranger status and a badge. This Ranger is administrating the pledge to an eager little camper.


  1. Text written with talent and great photos. Have a nice day,

    1. Thank you, Marta. It was a wonderful experience and I hope we can do it again.