Sunday, March 6, 2016

Successful Quilt Guild Retreat

Whew! Estes Valley Quilt Guild's 2016 Retreat is now just a memory ... actually, lots of  wonderful memories. It took many quilters, hundreds of hours, and loads of talent and creativity to plan and implement the annual retreat, "Just Sew!" It was gratifying to read the evaluations which were overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive. As team leader, I didn't have time to do much sewing but that is what I expected. Nevertheless, I enjoyed almost every aspect of the long week-end at Emerald Mountain Lodge with my wonderful quilter friends.

Here are a few images of "Just Sew!"

This is my dining table turned retreat staging area
a few days before the retreat.
I'm waiting  on Thursday at 8 a.m. for participants
to check in. Laura, last year's retreat team leader, is standing behind me
waiting to lend a hand.
Donna Mae Norris, our teacher, beside her beautiful
"Braided Beauty" quilt.
Donna Mae's classroom

Our view outside the beautiful
Emerald Mountain Lodge

The Stitchin' Den, a local shop, set up a mini-quilt boutique
in our big sewing room.
This is a portion of our large sewing room where each of forty-one quilters
had a large table and plenty of space.
We had many cute and useful "retreat favors."

Carol made each participant a scissors holder
Jeanne made cases for forty-one travel pillows
What would a retreat be without wine cooled in my sleeping room sink!
Below are photos of some of the beautiful quilted projects created at the retreat.



Our home away from home was comfortable and well
equipped with everything we needed including
a cozy fireplace.
We enjoyed meals in our private dining room.
Most of the quilter family posed for a group photo.

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  1. I love your activity! Have a nice day you all. Thanks Judy A.