Wednesday, July 22, 2015

California By The Sea

View from our terrace
Our entire family (minus one) is vacationing on the southern California coast - a belated celebration of my 70th birthday and our 50th wedding anniversary. Wayne and I came a few days early and stayed with our good friends, Linda & Wally, in San Diego before the rest of the clan flew in on Sunday.

It's early morning, a warm overcast day with a breeze off the ocean. I'm sitting on the terrace with my coffee watching the waves, surfers, and birds. The other adults are drifting out to the terrace with coffees and plans for the day. We want to tour the USS Midway, a WW II aircraft carrier, and explore La Jolla.

KC, Judy, Jen enjoying cold beverages by the pool
Naval submarine base - San Diego

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  1. Happy anniversaries four you and your husband, dear Judy!