Friday, May 22, 2015

Grandson Graduation

Jackson receives his high school diploma
So much has been going on during the past few weeks, I've had no chance to write on my blog. I have a wee window of opportunity to do that now while my house guests are otherwise occupied. My sister and niece are napping and my nephew is out for a run. They are here in Colorado to attend the graduation of my nephew's daughter (my sister's granddaughter). My sister and niece arrived by car from Montana a couple of days ago and last night they made the two hour drive to Denver International Airport to pick up my nephew whose plane came in at 11 p.m. They didn't get back to our house until after 2 a.m., thus, the need for naps. The graduation is tomorrow morning in Greeley. They'll all be going home on Monday.

Last Sunday we were privileged to witness our first grandchild graduate from high school in Elkhorn, Nebraska. We spent a few days of intense activity which included: getting ready for a big back yard party at our daughter's house, the actual graduation ceremony, a band concert, soccer games, baseball games and family get togethers. It was all enjoyable but a much faster pace than we are used to! The graduation ceremony was meaningful and the highlight for me was seeing Jackson receive his diploma. We're proud of the wonderful, thoughtful young man he's become and we look forward to what his future will be.

We worked hard helping the family get ready for the party. Although the weather forecast was not encouraging, Mother Nature smiled on the Oligmueller back yard and the rain held off until later that night.

We drove home on Monday and had two days to get ready for our company. Once they are gone we'll have a little breather until the next round of company arrives.

Here are a few photos from our Nebraska trip.

Jackson with his proud parents
Elkhorn High School auditorium during graduation ceremony
Setting up the back yard tent for the party

Family room decorated with Jackson memorabilia

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  1. Congratulations to Jackson and all the family! You have the great photos!