Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Snow

Sunrise from our deck
Those of us who live in Estes Park, or anywhere in Colorado, like spring snow. It's beautiful, full of welcome moisture, and it doesn't stick around for very long. We had a foot of snow overnight and a beautiful bright sunny day which has caused sudden snow cascades to fall from the ponderosa pines in our yard. I know there are pasque flowers blooming under that blanket of white but they are a hearty species which will still be there when the snow melts. The eaves are dripping and water is running down the gullies. It will re-freeze overnight and start thawing again when the sun rises tomorrow.

A perplexed little bird ponders her white world.

My bluebird house wearing a whimsical cap.

Snow cascade #1

Snow cascade #2

Snow cascade #3

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  1. Here the time is the same, but you are optimistic, this is good. Happy Easter!