Friday, January 16, 2015

Hand Quilting

Quilt guild met Wednesday evening. The program was a "round robin" of mini-classes including my hand quilting class. Like planning for any class, it took time, research, and organization. I put together a hand-out which included a list and description of tools and supplies, step by step instructions for successful hand quilting, and a list of resources. I made small quilt "sandwiches" for each student to practice the technique. I also brought a wide variety of needles, threads, frames, marking tools, thimbles and other quilting necessities for the students to see and handle. I had a lot of positive feedback and felt the class went well.

Each quilter has her own unique technique and each quilter has her favorite tools and supplies. My favorites include:

needles - Clover Gold Eye size 12 betweens

thread - YLI 100% cotton hand quilting thread

hoop - 14 inch round quilting (not embroidery) hoop  and, for some projects, I use a small square PVC pipe frame

batting - my favorites, depending on the item being quilted, are Hobbs wool batting, Hobbs               Thermore polyester batting, and Warm & White cotton batting.

thimble - my Roxanne silver thimble is my favorite quilting tool - I love it!

I love to quilt by hand and find it is calming, relaxing, and therapeutic. For me, it's Zen.

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  1. I think some tools and utensils you love matters a lot.