Friday, June 6, 2014

Delightful Camping

We went on our first camping trip of the season Sunday to Wednesday in Moraine Park Campground in Rocky. It was a wonderful relaxing three days with beautiful weather. Tuesday morning we hiked the Fern Lake Trail. I was eager to see the enormous boulder that had come crashing down the mountain, destroying trees and leaving giant gouges where it hit the ground and bounced or rolled. This happened after our big "weather event" of last September. Wayne had seen it on an earlier hike when the gouges were fresh. They are filling in with vegetation and aren't as obvious.

My mom and a friend came out to our campsite one evening for a picnic. We were entertained by a golden-mantled ground squirrel that hopped up onto our fire ring (before we started the fire) to beg for food. The nights were cold but we were cozy in our sleeping bags. The wild flowers were especially numerous and early blooming. Our camp ground was full of purple wild iris and bright yellow false lupine.

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  1. Sometimes it's great to have three days of rest with family and friends... Wish you a wonderful summer!