Friday, October 18, 2013

Regaining Equilibrium

Wayne and I just returned from a visit with our family in Nebraska. It was a wonderful way to clear our minds and regain our equilibrium. Our agenda included: grandsons' soccer and football games; time at the cabin on the river where we watched a Nebraska football game; a quick trip to Iowa to meet with the farm renters and have lunch with Wayne's sister and brother-in-law; time spent with our children and grandchildren. The only downside to the trip was the extra travel time (two days instead of one each way) over the flood related detours.

It's good to be home once again and gratifying to see how Estes Park is recovering. The town and related agencies post daily updates on their restoration progress. Upper Thompson Sanitation District (UTSD) continues to make repairs to the sewers and has brought a few more homes back online. It will be awhile before our home is declared "flush worthy." In the meantime, our newly purchased indoor, portable, flushable, toilet is a welcome change from the Porta-Potty down the road.
I never thought I'd post a photo of a toilet!

The Colorado Department of Transportation is making steady progress on the temporary roads. After seeing numerous photos of the damage, I find it remarkable that they expect to have passable roads by December 1. The town is full of huge trucks and road building equipment.

Below are a variety of images showing roads into and out of Estes Park that are under repair.

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  1. You have a lot of work before winter. So, good work.