Monday, August 19, 2013

New Mexico Twin Quilts

My friend Linda, who lives in San Diego, and I have been collaborating on identical quilts we call the New Mexico Twins. It started with a joint trip to Santa Fe and Taos on a Road Scholar tour a couple of years ago. She thought we should make duplicate wall quilts to commemorate our trip and I quickly agreed. We decided to treat it like a very small "round robin" project. Linda won the coin toss so she made identical centers and sent them both to me. I added the first border and mailed them back. She added the next border and I have just completed the final border. We are taking another tour to Canada (along with our husbands) and I will take hers and give it to her then. She hasn't seen a photo of the finished tops and I haven't given her any clues. I hope she likes what I've done.

The cutting and sewing have been easy ... deciding what to do and designing each border have been more difficult. We'll each finish our own quilt so they won't be completely alike. I plan to hand quilt mine and it will be interesting to see what Linda decides to do.

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