Friday, June 28, 2013

Cabin on the Missouri River

Their cabin (green roof) is in the center of this photo

We just returned from a lovely week with our family in Nebraska. The entire A & O Clan spent the week-end at the O's new cabin on the Missouri River in the northeast "corner" of the state. We had a great time with lots of conversation, good food, and lazing in the sun and, for me, the shade. The cabin is essentially complete except for the deck which the builder promises will be finished soon. Wayne helped Virgil install two air-conditioners, towel bars, and other accessories. The handymen were hard at work and the kids were hard at play. Virgil, "water-taxi" driver ferried people back and forth to the beach on the uninhabited Goat Island which is situated in the middle of the river. It has a nice sand beach and the water is shallow for many yards off-shore.

Goat Island is in the background


  1. I'm a retired teacher too and I don't think I've ever been to Nebraska. I shall have to put it on our places to visit. :-)

  2. In roumanian cabin is "cabana", it is something very nice.