Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stranded in Denver

Wayne and Fischer at the game - the white area in the
background is the soccer field as seen through
the blizzard. Chris took this
photo with his cell phone.
The guys went to the game and watched it through a blinding snow storm. I watched it on TV from the comfort of my living room couch through the snow-encrusted lenses of the cameras televising the match. They stayed in a Denver hotel Friday night and it continued to snow all night long. My son and grandson managed to get to the airport and, after hours of delays, flew home to Omaha. It has been quite an adventure for my nine year old grandson. The roads were so treacherous on Saturday (lots of accidents and a fifty car pile-up on I-25) that Wayne decided to stay one more night in the hotel. I heartily agreed with that decision. It's a little better today but only 9 degrees so the snow isn't melting. Wayne thinks he'll be able to make it home later today. It's typically a two hour drive but I'm sure it won't be this time.

On the bright side, the landscape is beautiful and we're grateful for seven inches of lovely wet snow. I've been hunkered down in my quilt loft working on projects, listening to audio books and sipping tea - it's a fine way of life for me.

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