Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heart Healthy Eating

Wayne and I went grocery shopping together this afternoon at our one and only local supermarket. Our goal was to buy groceries that will make heart healthy and delicious meals for a week. Our appointment with Jenifer, the nutritionist, last week was helpful and educational. We have our nutrition goals on paper and the appropriate ingredients on hand ... now we have to actually cook or, as Jenifer calls it, "food assembly". It was eye-opening for us (especially Wayne) to read the labels and see what is actually in those packages and cans. The fat and sodium content of many of our favorites is way too high so we are trying some new (for us) products that seem to be more in line with our goals. The taste test will be important, however, in deciding whether to buy those products again. I know we can find food that is both heart healthy and delicious.

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