Friday, March 9, 2012

A Day with my Favorite Five Year Old

Emma, the paper doll - with candy heart necklace

What could be more enjoyable than spending an entire day with my youngest grandchild (five years old) at her home. It was a wondrous experience and, for that day, I felt like a child again, myself. For her, it was a "nightgown" day.

She wanted to play hop-scotch and, because it was too chilly and damp outside, we made a hop-scotch on the tile floor using electrical tape, chalk, and a marshmallow for the "throwing rock." This project occupied our time for at least an hour.

She loves to do arts and crafts and so we made paper dolls, paintings, and models with play dough. We also made bowling alleys, houses, and towers with blocks. We made up stories, danced, did yoga, fixed lunch, and played with her entire family of dolls.

I hope to have another opportunity like this soon.

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